Studio Gütig becomes Pacific Projects!

Pacific Projects

we make good, kind things.

We made a thing, for factories.

What we are about.

Maker Space

We are tinkerers and problem solvers at heart, so we run a product incubation and research lab, mostly in Seattle.

Humans First

We focus on projects that are borne of daily pain points and solving for them ideally can impact (almost) everyone.

Zero to One

We cannot say much, it’s all hush-hush. Some hints are below, following our ethos of making good, kind things.

What we are working on.

Internet of Things

Our origin story with decades of combined experience sits squarely in deep tech. We are now building on it for Social and Green impact.

Apparel Design

Something is really wrong with how fashion perpetuates errors. Some have become systemic. We want to fix them.

Pet Nutrition

A lot of us got a pet during the pandemic. We discovered how poor pet food really is. We are doing something about it.


We never thought we would find ourselves formulating hair products, though here we are, doing it for the curls.

Fitness Tech

The next billion customers are not going to buy a Peloton. We are fixing cost of entry to bring health and fitness to everyone else.


We would be amiss not to pursue the levity and whimsy of human interactions. Do we hear a toot?

Drop us a line.

We make things with ❤️ mostly in Seattle.There is always room for more projects, provided they meet core criteria.
Reach out and let’s chat.